EP31- Sales and Mayron not knowing the golden rule of pre-broadcasting

Episode 31 February 05, 2020 00:22:19
it4whiskey podcast
EP31- Sales and Mayron not knowing the golden rule of pre-broadcasting

Show Notes

Episode 31 is live! In this episode you’ll get great sales advice on making sure you and your prospect client will make a great team! Tune in now! Check us out: iTunes Spotify Google Podcast Tune-in www.it4whiskey.com/latest Drinks: Mayron- Early Times Whiskey During Ep. 31 Mayron savored on the mellow taste of Early Times, a classic American whiskey. Joe- Green Spot Chateau Montelena Sweet and zesty, was the choice of drink for Joe in Ep. 31 with a hint of jealousy(jokingly) as Craig consumes one of Joes favs, Red Spot! Craig- Red Spot Irish Whiskey While on Ep. 31 Craig partook in the rich and sweetened bitterness of Red Spot Irish whiskey.

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