EP23 - Why We Do, What We Do..

Episode 23 July 23, 2019 00:26:19
it4whiskey podcast
EP23 - Why We Do, What We Do..

Show Notes

Join us for the lastest episode of our podcast.. A podcast about the secrets of how to build, manage and grow your IT Manage Service business, while learning about whiskey! "Why We Do, What We Do" One of the most asked questions we get, is why we do what we do. While there are moments that are rough, the bottom line is what we discuss in this episode. Each one of us has a different perspective and we go deeper on sharing each one. We strive to always be up front, raw and honest on what we share and we come full force so you do not want to miss this. Craig tells us about his batch #2 limited edition small batch bourbon, 100 proof annnnd he tells us the honest truth about it, Mayron is still savoring the Old Forrester 1897 Bottle in Bond, Joe shares a bottle by Aberlour Single Malt Whiskey that he suggests needs to be kept in “normal” Canadian temps of the fridge. Tune in and don’t miss out on this one, and please keep reaching out, we love hearing from you and all your feedback and comments. Tune in to this episode and thank you for checking us out! http://www.it4whiskey.com/latest

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