EP20 - Its All Whiskey Special!

Episode 20 April 25, 2019 00:26:42
it4whiskey podcast
EP20 - Its All Whiskey Special!

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Join us for the lastest episode of our podcast.. A podcast about the secrets of how to build, manage and grow your IT Manage Service business, while learning about whiskey! We got so many requests for this, so in this episode we come at you with nothing but Whiskey! Kick back with a glass and check us out as we chat about Linkwood, Old Forester, Hazelburn, the hidden gem Campbeltown is and so much more. Sweet, smoky, soft, the peatiest of peaty and how Joe likes to lick the sides of trees. Tune in to this episode and thank you for checking us out! http://www.it4whiskey.com/latest

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